Frequently Asked Questions

Is the traffic you provide real?

Yes, all the traffic we send is 100% real and from genuine website users.100% of our targeted visitors are coming from our own advertising network with thousands of top notch publishers.

Can I target the traffic? can provide traffic from almost any country/language worldwide.

You can choose from: 1-5 Single countries with our 3 packages ( Bronze, Silver and Gold). Target visitors by language for is only Available for our Silver and Gold packages

When will I start receiving my traffic?

Usually you will start receiving traffic from Twagr within a few hours.

How many visitors will I get ?

Pack Traffic Bronze will deliver minimum 300 daily visitors for full 60 days (total of 18,000+), fully trackable with the provided tracking link.

Pack Traffic Silver will deliver minimum 300 daily visitors for full 120 days (total of 36,000+), fully trackable with the provided tracking link.

Pack Traffic Gold will deliver minimum 300 daily visitors for full 180 days (total of 54,000+), fully trackable with the provided tracking link.

To get your visits do yo use shady techniques like BOTS or SPAMMING?

Twagr traffic  is 100% real human traffic from our long-standing advertising network – guaranteed not generated by bots, software, spam or proxies.

Is the traffic you provide Safe ? is 100% safe (Adsense, Panda & Penguin).

Why would I use Twagr Services ?

►Boost your website rankings with our visitors (such as mozRank, Alexa, Similarweb)
►Increase the value of your website & domain with a greater audience and high amount of pageviews and impressions

►12 service extras to choose from for maximum results and customization of your campaign
►Highly natural, constant traffic flow without spikes, breaks or daily limits
►100% Adsense, Panda & Penguin safe service
►Your website will be shown to thousands of interested and exceptionally engaged users
►High retention rate and highly unique visitors
►SEO complementary service
►Pre-filtered visitors: Real and human only, minimum connection speed, minimum screen resolution, no proxy/VPN
►Full tracking link included (Browser, OS, Referrers, Country etc.)
►Affiliate pages and websites with sound are accepted

Do you accept every sites?

To maintain a high quality in our network, we don’t accept sites containing illegal content, exit-popups, framebreakers (unless the service extra is added), social media pages (except for YT and Twitter), adult websites/content and sites redirecting to such content. We reserve the right to refuse websites that we classify as inappropriate for our network. We naturally can’t guarantee for an increase in sales, clicks, leads or any interaction of the visitors with your website.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions please contact us and our support team will get back to you.